Face Pack Making Workshop

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One-Day MegaSale! – Flat INR 99/- | Learn 7+ Face Packs @ Just INR 99/- ONLY!
Over 6+ hours of detailed video content
✓ What Is A Face Pack & How It Works
✓ Different Types Of Face Packs
✓ Adding Real Fowers, Powders & Clays
✓ Using Oils Which Benifit Face
✓ Different Face Packs For Different Skin Types
✓ Adding Preservaties & Why Is It Necessary
✓ How To Get The Right Consistency
✓ Making Your Own Recipe
1. Introduction To Face Packs & Ingredients Used
2. French Green Clay Pack (Dry Skin)
3. Bentonite Clay Face Pack
4. Ayurvedic Face Pack
5. Rose & Orange Face Pack
6. Jelly Face Pack (For Instant Brightening)
7. Powder Face Pack For Oily Skin
8. Powder Face Pack For Dry Skin
9. Powder Face Pack For Normal Skin Type
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